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Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Couple of Days.

Well, i have spent the first couple of days here in Japan. The plane ride was about 13 hours long from Chicago. Jet lag has had an effect a little bit. The first day we went to the Largest Fish Market in the world which was pretty crazy. Ill have pictures up here hopefully of it. After that we went to a Sushi class and was a 3 hour class and fillet fish and did everything a chef did and then ate it. Well, i didn't eat much, not much of a fan of the raw food. But, I have ate a few meals here with noodles and chicken which satisfies my taste buds a lot more. We have been using the subway and railway transportation a lot. Here in Japan, people walk mostly all the time. In the 2 days of touring, we have probably walked 10 miles. They do drive but mostly trains and walking.

The next day we went and saw a lot of the shrines that are west of Tokyo, very peaceful and breathtaking temples. I had the chance to see Mt. Figi just barley but I saw it. Dude, we saw one of the Biggest Buddhas in the world.... he was like maybe 75 feet high. There was a 5.8 earthquake but we were on the subway when it happened so we didn't feel it which kind of ticked me off. Oh well, i'll keep in touch of more of what goes on.

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