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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Golf + Great Food= Priceless

So continuing on to more details about this grand experience. Monday I got up about 5:30 am and caught a subway that took me to Yugawara. I met up with Neal's Japanese friend AJ which talks fluent English and went golfing at the Yugawara Country Club. Now, this place is legit, the course is VERY hilly. Sometimes you didn't want to aim for the fairway because if it landed in a certain spot it would roll back like 80 yards because it was that steep in places. I shot a 92, wasn't to happy but its alright for that kind of course. Also, it was right by the Pacific Ocean, so when we go way up top to one of the holes, its a beautiful view. I say the best part was the remote control golf carts. The sidewalk had a magnetic trail in the middle and the cart would follow that trail wherever, you just got in the cart, pushed the green button to go, and you just sat there and it steered for you. Or if you were in the middle of the fairway, you have a remote in your pocket and press it and it will go along the trail without anyone in it. So, that was Monday.

Tuesday we went on a boat ride through the river that passes through Tokyo, went to some shrines and ate at the best restaurant i have ever been to, don't know the name of it but it was good. Neal is good friends with this chef, and he just made all kinds of foods for us for a cheap price. We had salad, steak, bread, chocolate mousse cake with ice cream. We had these thin beef slices and the restaurants owner is a butcher. We had some beef from a type of cows that only 50 are butchered in Japan the whole year, so they are very rare.
Wednesday, i had to tag along with the ladies because Neal was working to go make these washy papers and it was a type of craft. Ole Japanese women there, they wanted everything just perfect with the putting together of the crafts. After that, we saw Avatar in 3D, it was pretty awesome i don't even think its still in theater in the USA.
Welp, tomorrow is my birthday so i hope it will be a good one and hope to keep having fun here.

til next time

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